Thursday, January 01, 2015

7 Things Every 20-something should do this Year

The New Year has rung in. With this, our hopes for better future and wishes for brighter us have risen. However, what exactly do we plan to do to really make a difference in our lives and in lives of others?

For some, January 1 is just another day but for some, it is a day for brighter prospects. These are the people who make a difference – in their lives and in the lives of their friends, family, and society. Why not be ‘the one’ this year?

If you are actually planning for a brighter and better life, try adopting a few or all of these, this year. Who knows, after a year, we might be sitting at same place, patting our own backs, for a wonderful 2015!

2015 Tips of happy living

1. Do more of what makes you happy
Being a 20-something doesn’t mean we can’t go back to our arts and crafts classes or go out and play. Take out time for yourself, look at your old photographs, treat yourself to your favourite delicacies, and spend time with family and maybe, catch up with long-forgotten friends.

2. Live in present
Have had much of ‘don’t cry over past, it’s gone; don’t stress over the future, it hasn’t arrived.’? Then, why don’t we live by it? Stop and take charge of what’s happening around you right now. Stay connected with every single current moment and you will experience real happiness and contentment.

3. Plan your time and money
Both of these are extremely important and most of these are frivolously wasted because we don’t plan ahead. As 20 somethings, we tend to waste hours scrolling through our Facebook timeline or Twitter feed and spend exorbitantly on the next fad. But, we can control these. Right? And, rather spend these over something meaningful this year.

4. Master listening
No matter how eloquent orators we are, if we cannot listen, we cannot communicate. Work on being better listeners this year by avoiding distractions, making eye-contact, and encouraging speaker to speak more. And, girls, it is said – if your man shares things with you and you listen intently, chances are he is already in love with you.

5. Throw away emotional burden
We all carry emotional burdens inside us due to our past’s bitter experiences, bad deeds, and miserable relationships. One of the biggest favours we can do this year to ourselves is to let go off this vast amount of baggage from our minds. Sit, introspect, let go, and let the newer you come out.

6. Travel more and more
There is no better learning experience and no more satisfying practice than travelling. Travel while you are young. It will change the way you relate to the world and to the others. It will push the horizons of your mind, while teaching you to take up challenges.

7. Cultivate the habit of reading
Those who read will tell you how great it feels to submerge oneself into a book. Whether it is a non-fiction novel, a fictional story, a magazine, a newspaper, or a self-help book, pick up one for yourself. At earlier stage, teach yourself to concentrate, and later on, it will become a habit. As you keep on reading on daily basis, you will realise how fulfilling the experience is.

Whether we adopt one or even all of the above practices, may we all strive to make this year the best one we have ever lived!

Have a fulfilling 2015!


  1. Wonderful thought ..thank you . I'll definetly try ,do a lot good to others and myself .
    Hoping for a wonderful year ahead .

  2. Thanku Miss Supriya for such an excellent thoughts..... keep it up

  3. Thanks supi for food for thought.

  4. Do you have anything Related to Food, Like 5-10 minutes easy Recipes?

    And Nice work Will Recommend this Blog to others. :)

    1. Thanks Puneet. Will surely come up with the same. :)

  5. Hey Sup.. Wonderful ideas for interpersonal development.
    I appreciate you to start a blog. If you think to make a difference
    then you can.
    Thanks for keep motivating and coming up with some real thoughts those we are ignoring usually.Keep it up...
    Best of luck!!!

    1. Thanks sir :)
      These words of appreciation and encouragement mean a lot!

  6. Hey Supriya nice work ... keep it up :)


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