Sunday, January 25, 2015

Put an End to Split Ends

Having split ends, these days, is one of the most common hair problems experienced by many women around the globe. These occur when the shielding outer layer of the hair cuticle goes off because of external stressors, like salon-chemical services and heat styling products. And, once this happens, hair becomes damaged and dehydrated, thereby causing split ends.

While the best way to deal with split-ends is to go to a hair salon and get them snipped off, here are a few tips that can help you prevent further damage:

1. Use wide-toothed comb
Combing hair while they are wet is a bad idea. Still, using a wide-toothed comb after you condition your hair is the best way to de-tangle while ensuring you do not damage your hair and even lose them. Also, avoid back-combing your hair.

2. Dry hair naturally
Let your hair dry naturally after washing instead of blow drying every time to keep hair problems of frizziness, dryness, and split ends at bay. You must towel dry your hair without vigorously rubbing it.

3. Stay away from chemicals
When you already suffer from split-ends, try not to use heat-styling products and other chemicals. This will further intensify the damage. While going for swimming in a pool, wear shower cap and oil your hair to save them from harmful effects of chlorine. Also, shampoo your hair as soon as possible, after swimming sessions.

4. Sun-proof
Protect your hair from sun’s direct contact. Wear a hat or cap while stepping out in the sun, dirt, and pollution. You can also mix a leave-in conditioner, along with sunscreen and apply on your hair while leaving for outdoors.

5. Hair treatments at home
Once a week, pamper your hair with a mask made out of kitchen ingredients. This will not only prevent split-ends but will also give shine and lustre to your hair. You can use oil mask, made of almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, and/ or olive oil. Moreover, egg, avocado, cream, honey, papaya, mayonnaise, and banana – all are beneficial in preventing and reversing the damage to hair.

6. Diet issues
Your hair tells more about your health than your body. If you are healthy inside, you will look beautiful outside. Drink lots of water and have a healthy diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will save your hair from dehydration.

7. Grooming regimen
Do not use shampoo daily. Instead, use shampoos just three times a week. Never wash your hair with hot water and after every wash, use a conditioner as it is necessary to help retain moisture. A leave-in conditioner is also very useful to get you along the day and, also save you from a lot of damage while blow-drying and ironing.


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