Monday, January 05, 2015

Top 7 Women's Fashion Trends in 2015

Dear 2015,

With the new you, have come new fashion trends, for new us. Thanks for embracing last year’s highly lovable trends of pastels, monochromes, lace work, cropped tops, flared pants, shift blouses, tea-length skirts, sweater dressings, and sequined looks. Big thanks for introducing comfortable silhouettes and relaxed footwear in the fashion circuit, so that we can feel confident and happy, from top to toe. We cannot also thank you enough for letting so many trends make a comeback and giving us so many options to choose from.

Women Worldwide

1. Plain & Glittered Sheers

Fashion 2015: glittered and plain sheers

Usage of sheer fabrics with under-layering of opaque fabric is a big hit, both in blouses and dresses. Add sequined glitter to it and here’s my favourite look.

2. Rough & Clean Denims

Fashion 2015: rough and clean denims

Denim never ceases to make a mark. From jacket, blouse, skirt, jeans to complete dress suit and gown, there are many revolutionary ways to wear a denim.

3. Upturned Polo Collars

Fashion 2015: upturned polo collars

If you wish to get a casual business or an all-in-all sporty look, polo buttoned-up collars can prove to be a perfect pick.

4. Floral Fever

Fashion 2015: floral dresses, tops, and skirts

Whether it be a skirt, dress, blouse, or a pair of pants, floral patterns, in bold and bright colours or watercolour pastels, are a girl’s favourite.

5. Polka Dots

Fashion 2015: polka dots

Perhaps the most creative, the prettiest, and the trendiest retro fashion that never seems to fade, polka dots give playful yet well-dressed effect.

6. Nautical Stripes

Fashion 2015: nautical stripes

Chic and timeless nautical pattern with maritime navy, red, and white stripes lends European sophistication, at once. 

7. Gladiators and Platforms

Fashion 2015: gladiators and platforms

While ballerinas and pencil heels remain our all-time favourites, gladiators as well as platforms are also going to rule the sole market, this season. 


  1. Thanks supriya for some new fashion trend.. it looks beautiful..

  2. omg! i was so curious about this year trend . thank you for your commendable work . love you and your work :*

  3. Apt fashion trend blend for "She in 20s" at the onset of 2015..


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