Saturday, February 07, 2015

7 Simple Steps to De-stress Daily

While being in 20s is amazing, it can be stressful at times, as well. We have to deal with hectic college assignments, erratic work schedules, and disturbing relationships – all of which can take away our energy. No wonder, we are like kids stuck in adults' bodies.

The good news is you can follow these simple steps daily to zap stress ASAP and be ready to face whatever life brings on:

1. Do small workouts, now and then

Exercising for stress management

To cope with stress, you might resort to smoking, having candies, coffee, or chocolate but the ideal antidote is exercise. Even ten minutes of walk can lift your moods.

2. Set aside the comfort foods

Avoid comfort foods for stress management

We all do it – having refined carbs or sugary foods when stressed. But when the rush ends, we feel sluggish again. Choose fruits and a minute’s deep breathing instead.

3. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated to manage stress

Even slight dehydration can lead to mental and physical fatigue. So, stay hydrated with water and other decaffeinated drinks every two hours in the day.

4. Recharge yourself with sleep

Sleeping for stress management

Seven to eight hours of sleep a night is essential to recharge and lower stress. Having trouble falling asleep? Keep aside your phone and pick a book.

5. Keep things fresh

Try new, exciting things for managing stress

Routine can stress us out. So, keep things fresh by mixing it up. Even a change as simple as changing your hairstyle or having an interesting breakfast can improve your mood.

6. Feed your brain

Feed your brain to manage stress

Take your brain to new direction by listening to a lecture, doing a crossword puzzle, taking a new hobby, joining a book club, or checking out the latest best seller.

7. Find time for pleasure

Finding time for pleasure for stress management

Even five minutes of pure joy in the midst of routine work can prove to be life-saving. So, sit back and enjoy hot chocolate or get delighted while gazing beautiful scenery outside window.


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