Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Compliment like Winner and Keep Romance Alive?

No matter whether you have been seven days into a relationship or seven years, importance of giving and receiving genuine and heartfelt compliments cannot be underestimated.

If you are into a relationship, you must analyse how well and how often you compliment your partner. When was the last time you appreciated your girl’s care? When was the last time you admired your man’s supportive nature? If you can’t remember your last time, chances are your relationship is suffering from compliment deficit. In most cases, partners will get detached soon and relationship will eventually fail.

Compliments for Happy Relationship

We are not new to doling out the compliments. We do it many times whenever we look at or feel something good. Problem is we stop looking at good things of our partner. So, sit back and count all the good things of your partner and plan how and when to highlight them, until it comes naturally to you. Here’s some help:

1. Be sincere
Only sincere compliments count. If you are making it up or faking it, the other person will get to know it and you can run into the risk of losing trust factor in your relation.

2. Genuine compliments count
Compliments about who you are and what you do for someone are greater than the ones about appearance. So, compliment the other person for his/ her taste in friends or music, dedication towards work, or extending a helping hand.

3. Never miss a chance
Give compliments quickly in a situation. Take advantage of a particular situation and your partner is going to believe you as you won’t have time to be manipulative. 

4. Focus on unusual
Unique compliments can make a mark. So, don’t share the obvious. Rather, appreciate such an aspect of your partner’s personality that is mostly overlooked or taken for granted.

5. Go public
Going public with sincere compliments for your partner can make him/ her feel more special. So, do it at a family gathering or at a friends’ get-together. Make sure to keep it natural lest your partner becomes anxious. 

6. Pen down your admiration
Compliment your partner with gifts and in writing and it does not mean sending an Email or a message but rather, taking a pen and paper and making a sweet hand-written note.

7. Learn how to receive compliments
Chances are if you have started the compliment ritual, it will come full circle to you. Smile and say thanks while explaining how great you feel on receiving the compliment.

Trading compliments is a sure way to keep your romance alive. So, let the complimenting game go on. 

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