Monday, March 02, 2015

Home-based Writing vs. Writing from Office

Writing is perhaps the most creative and the most effective art of getting more and more people notice you by dispersing informational as well as promotional material. No wonder, then, content in online-marketing realm is known as king.

Here is a blog-post by our contributor, Keshav Aggarwal, a writer working both from home and office, who shares which one is a better work base and why, from his personal experience. In case you are wondering if it’s time for professional change, have a look at these indicators.

Writing desk and writer

“Is it really something that one should write upon? I mean, writing is writing, who bothers for the place as long as you are getting paid.” If you find this quote relatable by any means, then this is the time to say au revoir to this mentality.

Author or a writer is a person who plays with the words. S/he not only writes the words but also arranges them carefully to make them expressive. From the very first book that you opened long before in your childhood to the every webpage that you read over the internet exists because there was somebody to write it down for you.

Whether you write a book, an article, a short-story, or just a 4-8 line poem, your job is not done with that. In this world where change is the only permanent thing, you need to take charge of what you write. In other words, you have to commit and declare that yeah, I have written this piece of content. You have to be accountable for each word you write. Once you say that it was I who wrote that, people start considering you as a real and genuine writer.

Home or Office, which one is better?

It does not matter if you write from home or you commute every day to your workplace as long as your writing style is likeable. If you write for your own clients from your home, then you are the king. There are plenty of websites which offer freelance writing work. You can always order for the best wine. For home-based writing jobs, there is no one you are answerable to (except the client). Thus, even if you lose a client because of your writing style or skills, there is nobody to take your crown of the king away from you. However, if you write content for a client while sitting in an office, then you are not even close to the king. This is a place where losing a client means straight effect on the business.

More often, the battle between writing what is right and writing what client is asking for, ends with the corporate phrase, “Client is everything; everything is client.” If you think that you can make a difference in the situation, then I would say that it is good only as long as you think.

Rules? Are you talking to me?

Writing from home is often considered easier because you make your own rules. To put it simply, you make no rules (and excuse me, for the exceptions). All one tends to do is delivering the work on time to the client, no matter how. In fact, the same rule applies on a writer who writes from an office but under scheduled office hours. The term “office hours” can be defined as the job shift timing that a boss and his employee never agree on. But hey, isn’t it the worst PJ that both still learn to bear each other somehow. After all, both are answerable to the same business.

And, they say Google knows everything

It may be that you have been writing since those golden years when you were everything but a writer. Also, it may be that you are now aware of all the ins and outs of writing. But from the perspective of an office-hours writer, you only get to know what you can reach to whereas writing while sitting in the office means you also get to know what you never thought of. This is how you come across new opportunities. By working as a content writer in hectic office hours, you not only learn to become accountable but you also broaden your horizons and prepare yourself accordingly.

Today, there are SEO, SMM, SEM, and many other collaborative optimization and marketing strategies available. In office, a writer is suggested how to modify the content and to pitch it so as to draw more and more web traffic in. While sitting in the office, you are a part of everything. And that’s how you keep on learning! Personally, I believe that learning all these things is very helpful if you are looking for a grand slam home run.

Go, get another bag!

One more benefit while writing from an office is that you can earn both the ways. I mean, you get the salary and furthermore, you can make additional income by doing the same from home for your personal clients. It is like you asked for a candy and were also given the recipe so that you can make it at home on your own.

Either way you see, writing is writing. Of course, when you are making a living through writing, then there is nothing wrong if you collect more fun coupons, anyway.

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