Friday, May 01, 2015

Men’s 2015 Summer Fashion Trends

As the mercury soars, it’s the time to do up your wardrobe, guys. Brace yourself for the sizzling days ahead with these top fashion trends of the season.

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1. Smart Stripes

Men's Fashion Trend: Stripes

Timeless pattern of bold and seamless, horizontal and vertical stripes will make an integral part of contemporary gent’s summer 2015 fashion statement, both in casual and formal sides of wardrobe.

2. Vivid Prints 

Men's Fashion Trend: Vivid Prints

Tough to carry initially but killer if aced, vivid floral prints are the next big thing in men’s fashion circuit. With so many options and styles available, finding a motif suited to your personality is simpler than ever.

3. Denims

Men's Fashion Trend: Denims

Versatile and hard-wearing fabric, denims, is every man’s favourite and this season, denim-clad casual or refined look is in. For a no-fuss layered denim look, mix and match high-end and vintage pieces in variety of colours and washes.

4. All-white

Men's Fashion Trend: All-white

Men’s all-white outfit trend, which started last year, is here to stay in spring/summer 2015 too. It lends a refreshing break from bold patterns and colours and, needless to say, looks classy. Pick variants of whites and team them well.

5. Colour Choice

Men's Fashion Trend: Colour Choice

While white-on-white and creamier shades are in vogue, other vibrant colours like blue, green, and especially, red will lend you smart, stylish look. Remember – only one splash of colour per outfit.

6. Pastels

Men's Fashion Trend: Pastels

Cool the warm-weather look instantly with infusion of soft summer pastels in your wardrobe. Think of pulling off crisp summer whites with mint green, sky blue, and nude peach shades.

7. Bright Trainers

Men's Fashion Trend: Bright Trainers

Make a strong statement with your footwear by injecting a serious dose of tint. Think beyond black and brown and dip your toes in all-new, more adventurous styles and colours.


  1. Vivid patterns, floral shirts are my favorite.

  2. Mens in all white looks very sexy


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