Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Go Subtly Seductive this fall with Marsala

Love for Marsala isn’t new. People have been going gaga over this dusty deep-red colour ever since Pantone officially announced it as the colour of 2015, early this year. With the coming of new season, our hearts are only growing fonder. I am too excited to incorporate this colour in my wardrobe this season for it exudes warmth and natural earthiness – traits so essential to carry off in fall.

Marsala nails winters

Poise and elegance of rich and sophisticated Marsala is matchless due to which this is one colour you cannot stand to miss this season. Here are some ideas on how to carry off the grounding red-brown finesse of Marsala and exude stability and confidence:

Being Tasteful with Marsala

How to wear Marsala Dress

The colour gets its name from fortified wine. Thus, it is both romantic and robust. A full Marsala look in dress, jumpsuit, or blouse with skirt will make you look both sophisticated and playful. While wearing the colour from head to toe in the beginning can make you uncomfortable, it is surely going to make a bold fashion statement for you. Try accents of Marsala or mix it with other hues. In fall/ winter, you can team Marsala full look with neutral shades of coats and jackets or pick warm outer pieces in Marsala.

Combining Marsala Well

Marsala skirt shirt

The winey red-brown colour is one of the most dramatic hues that can form wonderful contrasts, when teamed with other hues. This statement-making, varietal shade, being on the dark side of palette, combines amazingly with neutrals, including beige, taupe, brown, and gray and other light shades. Team it with black for a fascinating look.

Marsala Makeup

Marsala lips and nails

This versatile hue is not only made to reign your wardrobe, but much more. Try the shade on your nails or on your lips. When used as a blush, it can give you natural-looking flushed cheeks. If you wish to go a step further, you can try getting hair streaks in Marsala. This warm, reddish-brown hue looks fantastic on brunettes.

Accessorising with Marsala

Marsala bags

Adding the pops of this brilliant colour will rev up even the most basic outfits. While wearing monotone or neutral shades, stay away from boring by including Marsala in your accessories like shoes, handbag, or statement necklace.

It’s for Men too

Man in Marsala Sweater

The subtle and seductive red is not only for women, even men can carry it off with equal finesse and class. This fall, it can be the go-to colour for every man. A warm sweater, a pea coat, or a pilot jacket in this warm hue will cheer up your cold days ahead. Needless to say, pair it with neutrals.

Marsala in India

Indian lehenga bridal Wear Marsala

While the colour goes well with almost every skin tone, its auburn shade is the most flattering on Indian skin tone. After all, Indian women have been flaunting Marsala bindis on their foreheads for years. The dark amber hue lends rich and smoky look and is, thus, becoming a colour of choice among women. With the upcoming festive season, you can make a smart choice by picking up this colour for your Indian attire as it looks luxurious with embellishments and rose gold or copper accessories. It is also apt for brides who wish to stand out. 

Have you tried the ‘It’ colour of fall 2015? Share your love for Marsala in comments below.


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