Welcome to Life in 20s

Welcome to the best phase of life! Life in 20s falls well in-between teenage and adulthood and we aren't sure which side to fall towards. It is demanding and perplexing and here's how we can make it promising and happening.

Life in 20s is not only a self-help blog for post-college/ mid-life crisis people, it is a meeting place for all those men and women who are ready for a dose of something extra in this phase of life. Let's experience Life in 20s together!

About Me

Hi! On-job and off-job, I am a writer, a thinker, and a propagator of good thoughts and deeds.

I love writing, reading, travelling, spontaneous adventures, surprises, spirituality, fashion, dancing, fitness, music, movies, cakes, and laughing a lot.

Supriya :)

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