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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Signs you need a Career Shift

When fresh out of post-graduation, despair swiftly took over me on not being able to decide which career path to choose within Mass Communication. Thankfully, one thing I learnt very soon at this nascent stage of my career is – The knowledge of our best career path is not something that will magically pop up in our minds one day. Instead, it is something we need to discover gradually, over time, through trial and error process.

In life, there is nothing wrong in taking chances and discovering newer avenues and, in the process, discovering oneself. In the same way, there is nothing wrong in giving a career path a try at least once and then, assess for yourself if it fits you. In the end, it is not only about leading a rich and high-status life but also about leading a life full of purpose and meaning.

Signs you need a career shift

Are you wondering if it’s time for professional experimentation? Have a look at these three sure-shot indicators to decide if you need a career change:

Friday, August 07, 2015

Why are Indian Parents mostly Concerned about Making Child’s Career?

Mother with child career books

HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management recently conducted a survey asking parents across Canada, UK, USA, Australia, China, Brazil, UAE, Hong Kong, and India to pick health, career success, comfort, or happiness for their children. In terms of children’s career success, India emerged on top with most parents voting for it. Surprisingly, India scored the lowest in terms of children’s happiness, wherein Canada, UK, and USA scored the highest.

What could be the reason?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Implement What You Learn?

Though learning is a never-ending process, its value and need for its implementation is paramount in our 20s Keshav Aggarwal tells us how to implement what we learn. So, here is how to make the most of what we learn and give our career a necessary boost.

Learning and implementation

Monday, March 02, 2015

Home-based Writing vs. Writing from Office

Writing is perhaps the most creative and the most effective art of getting more and more people notice you by dispersing informational as well as promotional material. No wonder, then, content in online-marketing realm is known as king.

Here is a blog-post by our contributor, Keshav Aggarwal, a writer working both from home and office, who shares which one is a better work base and why, from his personal experience. In case you are wondering if it’s time for professional change, have a look at these indicators.

Writing desk and writer