Friday, May 01, 2015

Men’s 2015 Summer Fashion Trends

As the mercury soars, it’s the time to do up your wardrobe, guys. Brace yourself for the sizzling days ahead with these top fashion trends of the season.

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1. Smart Stripes

Men's Fashion Trend: Stripes

Timeless pattern of bold and seamless, horizontal and vertical stripes will make an integral part of contemporary gent’s summer 2015 fashion statement, both in casual and formal sides of wardrobe.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

7 Habits to Develop When You are in Your 20s

Good habits, when cultivated early in life, stay with us for long. Our contributor, Keshav Aggarwal, tells 7 habits you ought to develop when you’re in your twenties. These habits not only will help you live amazingly but will also be helpful as you enter in your thirties. To make your life more fruitful, consider doing these things this year.

Memories Life in 20s

1. Develop Creativity

We know that not everybody is Steve Jobs who was blessed with the creativity of extreme levels. That’s why we kept the heading – develop creativity. See, this is the simplest habit to develop and you are the self-trainer. Board your childhood train, go back into the time, and alight your coach in the time when you used to do what you like. Now, bring that habit into your daily use again. Give it 30 minutes every day, then an hour, and then two and increase with the time. You will end up finding that your creativity has improved significantly. Scientifically, writing is the most creative, speaking is the most influential, and listening is the most adorable thing. Walt Disney brought the virtual Disney Land of T.V. shows into reality because of his favorite childhood habit, cycling. He used to wander around the site while the first physical Disney Land was taking its shape in Anaheim, California.