Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Signs you need a Career Shift

When fresh out of post-graduation, despair swiftly took over me on not being able to decide which career path to choose within Mass Communication. Thankfully, one thing I learnt very soon at this nascent stage of my career is – The knowledge of our best career path is not something that will magically pop up in our minds one day. Instead, it is something we need to discover gradually, over time, through trial and error process.

In life, there is nothing wrong in taking chances and discovering newer avenues and, in the process, discovering oneself. In the same way, there is nothing wrong in giving a career path a try at least once and then, assess for yourself if it fits you. In the end, it is not only about leading a rich and high-status life but also about leading a life full of purpose and meaning.

Signs you need a career shift

Are you wondering if it’s time for professional experimentation? Have a look at these three sure-shot indicators to decide if you need a career change:

You feel life is a boring routine

Perhaps, this one is the biggest sign that your career path is extracting your energy rather than your potential.  Almost all of us have stressful times at our workplaces but if tension of going back to office and doing the normal routine work doesn’t go, chances are you have had enough of your current career path. At such a time, you may also feel chronically exhausted with frequent episodes of headaches and tension in your muscles. Thus, your body tries to tell you what your mind is not ready to accept – you need a career shift.

Your work doesn’t define you

You may be handling such tasks and managing such roles in your current job which you may have become good at but these may not define your core skill set. On the other hand, you may have such talents and capacities which lay suppressed in your current job. In such a scenario, you will not be able to be your authentic self at work. Thus, you will not be able to perform and contribute at your highest levels. Such a career is not fulfilling and will eventually, lower your self-esteem and confidence. You better consider a shift before it’s too late.

You are hopeless and unsure about your future

When you look into the future of your career, do you feel excited for the big bonus or retirement a few years down the line or do you see yourself still burdened with the same old drudgery? You will get the answer whether to continue or head to a different direction for a more promising future.

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